About Us

Where are we coming from?


Sustainable Business Solutions have a mission to enhance environmental, commercial and social value to organizations large and small. We (Joy & Rob) have 30+ years of sustainable, environmental and commercial business expertise and knowledge, primarily gained from the energy, and oil and gas industries, along with I.T. and local government experience too.

Rob Siveter

I am passionate about the benefits that becoming more sustainable can bring to everyone, and helping businesses to realise that value. I am an experienced sustainability professional specialized in reporting, corporate responsibility and climate change. I hold an MSc from Imperial College London in Environmental Technology.

Working with the oil and gas industry to help improve their performance around climate change has given me a wealth of experience. This includes: developing and delivering strategic and business plans; sustainability reporting; project managing international teams, including mediating and gaining consensus; working with senior management; engaging and presenting to a range of audiences.

Joy Moir

With a corporate and commercial background within the UK energy industry and local government, I have led and experienced much business change over the last 20 years. I also have a Masters in Sustainability and Responsibility which was focused on how to help transition us in these challenging times.

I have been fortunate to help organisations, departments and individuals rethink and re-strategize about the way in which they want to progress their organisations to become more responsible and sustainable. Shifting strategies from a linear model to a more sustainable triple bottom line has always been at the heart of what I do. World views are changing, environmental, cultural and social impact evidence is becoming more compelling with customers and employees expecting more, which means businesses need to evolve and adapt.